Destination Dental

Who we are


Our medical director

Dr. Juan Fernando Uribe has more than 24 years of experience restoring the beauty and functionality of smiles. With more than 2000 implants placed and a long trajectory, Dr. Uribe is today an expert in implantology, rehabilitation and tissue regeneration.

Dr. Uribe studied at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota Colombia. Subsequently, he completed his postgraduate studies at the Universidad Andres Bello in Santiago, Chile. There, he had the opportunity to study under the teachings of Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark, who is considered the “father of modern implatology”. He completed postgraduate degrees in implantology and oral rehabilitation, as well as many other courses, including training at NYU (New York), Zimmer Institute (California), Ankylos dentsply training center (Germany), PI Branemark Institute (Brazil) and many others. As a teacher, Dr. Uribe is a true believer in the importance of keeping up to date and is continually in search of new learning and improvement.

Dr. Uribe is today an expert in implantology, rehabilitation and tissue regeneration. This allows him in addition to his private practice, to serve as a consultant, speaker and professor. He is also an active member of different professional organizations such as the International team for implantology (ITI) and the Colombian association of periodontology and osseointegration.

When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Uribe loves spending time with his family. He is also an avid golfer and loves to travel and meet new people.

Our philosophy

Each patient is unique

We take the time to analyze each case and understand the needs of each patient to find the optimal treatment for them. We also believe that the ideal treatment not only focuses on restoring beauty but also on optimizing the health and functionality of the smile. Finally, we believe that our responsibility to our patients goes beyond oral health, and we care about the overall well being of the patient. Going to the dentist should not be a negative experience. Dr. Uribe, as well as the other specialists, coordinators and staff, will always be attentive to make our patients feel at home.

Our spaces.

A destination for your wellness

Lighted spaces, quiet and surrounded by nature, a coffee while you wait, blankets, pillows and even entertainment on the ceiling of the chair to make your experience more pleasant.

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State-of-the-art technology

We are obsessed with new technologies that enhance the patient experience. Here are some of our equipment and techniques.

Planmeca 3DS tomograph

Computed tomography is a 3D X-ray that allows us to visualize exactly what the condition of the bone is and create a treatment plan perfectly aligned to your needs.

Medit digital scanner

It is a scanner that allows us to create a 3D model which eliminates the need for traditional impressions. We use this scanner to make individual crowns, complex restorations and even for guided surgery.

Guided surgery

Guided surgery allows to digitally plan a surgery, and to print guides that allow to place the implant exactly in the planned place and position. It is an ideal tool in complex cases or cases with little bone.